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Emerging Leaders

Young leaders who have a drive to make a difference and an attitude towards growth and lifelong learning. An individual who naturally steps up as the leader over time within a group. An individual who creates a positive and inspiring impact on their team. 

Why are organizations investing in leadership consultation for emerging leaders instead of just using internal mentors?

Internal mentors are an essential part of emerging leadership development. Internal mentors specialize in the operations and opportunities within an organization, supporting the emerging leader to develop their skills and qualifications specific to their specialized field of work.

Specializing in emotional intelligence, we support your leadership recruitment and existing leadership development through EQi assessments and follow-up debriefing. Including EQi assessments in your recruitment provides your team with a comprehensive analysis of your candidates and provides you with a launchpad from which to support your emerging leader in their new role. 

Cedar & Stone offers external leadership consultation which builds on and enhances the existing mentorship available to your emerging leaders. 

We love supporting progressive organizations in their goals to recruit and develop their leadership. Our services include:

  • EQi assessments

  • Recruitment development (interview questions, scenarios, Multiple Mini Interviews)

  • External recruitment or panel interviewer

  • Leadership onboarding and continuing education

  • Customized or pre-developed leadership training (visit our courses page for our existing courses. Let us know if you are registering more than 10 leaders for cohort pricing!)

  • Leadership training specializing in harassment, bullying and grooming. 

We offer a 30-minute check-in call to learn about your goals and will send you a customized quote and project outline following our chat!

P.S. if you have big dreams to create some engaging training, you can download our free course development guide here!

Get in touch to let us know how we can support your amazing organization.

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