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Institutional Licenses

For post-secondary institutions and professional organizations

Institutional Licenses

The institutional license option allows post-secondary institutions and professional organizations to purchase licenses at a reduced rate for their students/members OR pass along a discount for our Knowledge Hub membership site as part of their “member benefits” package. Institutions are free to set their own resale pricing.

Options for Institutions

Discounted Courses

Offer discounts to a selection of our courses and micro-certs for your professional members.

Credit Transfer

Offer unique, specialized training to your students without the administrative overhead. Integrate the certificate programs into your post-secondary education with credit transfers.


Similar to the Credit Transfer program, your post-secondary institution or professional organization purchases bulk-priced licenses and offers seats to your students or members at your tuition fee

Let's get to work!

Ready to bring specialized training to your members or students? Get in touch for additional details and pricing.

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