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Specialized Recruitment Tools

Integrating micro-learning and assessment to recruit qualified, motivated teams

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At the recruitment stage, candidates typically have increased motivation to succeed

This is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills. The modules for each of the selections are specifically designed to teach or reinforce a relevant skill or concept and are based on competencies required in the role.

How it Works

Your recruitment team selects the appropriate tool from our options and shares the link with their candidates, also indicating a timeline for completion.


Candidates work through the relevant micro-learning module and complete the assessment. They provide your team with their certificate of completion in their application package.


Recruitment tools are provided at no charge to the paramedic service and can be used at any time. Tools for internal candidates (ie Community Paramedicine, preceptor etc.) are free for the candidate.

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The Design Process

The micro-learning design is used to increase engagement and knowledge retention. The recruitment tool is designed to be useful to the candidate’s current role and potential new role whether or not they are successful in the competition.


Recruitment tools are an excellent resource for organizations who would like to integrate a “qualification” component into their recruitment process.

* prices do not include HST


Is there a fee to use the recruitment tools?

With the exception of the customized recruitment tool, we provide all recruitment tools at no cost to the organization. Tools designed for internal recruitment (ie Community Paramedic, preceptor, educator) are provided at no charge to the candidate. For certain tools designed for external candidates (ie students, new hire), a fee may apply for the candidate to access the tool.

How do you decide what content will be in each recruitment tool?

Recruitment tools are based on professional competencies required for the associated role. The content in the learning module and assessment help the candidate understand some of the skills necessary to be effective and successful in the role. These asynchronous learning activities are also designed to teach a new skill or reinforce an existing skill or concept that is valuable to the candidate whether or not they are successful in the role. They take between 30-60 minutes to complete.

Do I have to contact you to use the recruitment tools?

We’ve designed the tools so they are free and accessible in our course library at anytime. You can send the link to the mini-course recruitment tool that you would like your candidates to complete and they can submit their certificate of completion directly to you. This said, we would really appreciate your feedback on the tools and how they have impacted your recruitment process! You can find them here!

Do you have follow-up training to support our staff in these roles?

We sure do! You can visit our library of courses, micro-certs and certificates here. For some courses, we offer team pricing. Just get in touch if you have any questions!

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