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Community Paramedicine Education

Instructional design. Certificate in community paramedicine care

Specialized Community Paramedicine Education

An accessible, research-based program designed to prepare paramedics for their expanded role as Community Paramedics. Creating connections between paramedic services, staff and community partners, the Community Paramedicine education opportunities bridge existing skills and experience with the advanced assessments, critical thinking and care planning required to excel in this growing field.

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* prices do not include HST
*Pricing for some courses will increase in April 2024 with the V2 curriculum update

Mike B

Advanced Certificate in Community Paramedicine Care student

"My experience with the Advanced Community Paramedic Certificate Program was
exceptional. The online, asynchronous delivery format allowed me to engage with the material at my own pace, fitting it into my schedule seamlessly.

The course content was comprehensive, covering theoretical concepts and practical applications with precision. The interactive nature of the program, including group discussions and hands-on exercises, enhanced learning and collaboration among participants.
As a practicing paramedic, I believe the insights gained from this program will directly benefit my patients. I highly recommend this program to others seeking to advance their skills in the field.
Kudos to the instructors and organizers for delivering such a valuable learning experience."

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CP programs and select courses are recognized as CE courses with the Alberta College of Paramedics

Education outcomes

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Community Paramedic and allied agencies

  • Understand and apply knowledge of the social determinants of health

  • Effectively liaise with allied agencies

  • Identify and manage compassion fatigue

  • Understand the psychological effects of chronic disease

  • Review pharmacology and understand common pharmaceutical treatments in chronic disease patients

  • Review anatomy & physiology of the cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems

  • Understand the aging process and common pathologies, assessments and treatments for the older adult patient

  • Analyze common disease processes treated by Community Paramedics

  • Complete basic, advanced and specialized assessments and appropriately refer/report on common disease processes treated by Community Paramedics

  • Understand assessments, treatments and care plans for common patient demographics seen by Community Paramedics

  • Understand specialized therapeutics used in Community Paramedicine

  • Provided introductory knowledge in topics related to Community Paramedicine care through elective courses

  • Develop and present health education to patients


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Instructional design. Certificate in community paramedicine care

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Advanced Certificate in Community Paramedicine Care student

“Everything looks incredible and super user friendly! All of the videos and visuals are great!”


Advanced Certificate in Community Paramedicine Care student

"I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot of valuable tools that I will be putting into my toolbox and using on a day-to-day basis..."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites to enrol in this program?

At this time, enrolment is only open to students who are currently working as PCPs or ACPs for a paramedic service.

*We are currently accepting licensing applications from post-secondary institutions who would like to offer these programs

What credentials do the curriculum designers have?

Kayella holds diplomas as a PCP, ACP, Community Paramedic and aeromedical medicine. She holds a bachelor of arts in psychology from Queen's University and has over a decade of experience in senior leadership, instructional design, adult education and program management. She developed and coordinated the Community Paramedic program for a Northern Ontario paramedic service from the initial funding stage to a fully-operational program. Course contributors include experienced paramedics, registered nurses with relevant specialties, physicians, psychologists and other allied healthcare professionals. We have also partnered with a diverse group of organizations who have generously shared their expertise and resources as part of our course content. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view our partners!

Are staff provided with learning content or are they required to source their own content based on case studies?

While case studies are used as one of many learning tools in this program, students will work through carefully curated learning content in the form of videos, interviews, podcasts, research papers, articles, best-practice guidelines and textbook readings in order to assimilate knowledge in each course. Students will receive required and recommended resources throughout the course allowing them to feel confident completing test-based evaluations. Students are evaluated throughout the course through knowledge checks, quizzes and exams and a final, cumulative case study presentation. Their time-on-task is spent learning and applying up-to-date research-based content that is relevant to their new roles

How long do students have to complete this program?

The length of time to complete the programs or courses depends on which program you select and how much time students are allotted for learning. Programs can be completed in as little as a few months, however they will have access for one year. Program coordinators will receive regular progress reports.

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We are grateful to these agencies who have generously shared their resources in our curriculum! 

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